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The Search Process

Client Consultation

At the onset of the search process, we consult with our client and other cognizant executives to identify the objectives of the proposed search project and to review, initially and on an ongoing basis, the target companies that we plan to develop so that they may identify any sensitive relationships we must understand. Based on past experience with over 300 searches (over an eighteen year period), we normally expect to be reviewing candidate backgrounds with the client in no more that three weeks and recommending candidates to consider at that time. Research - We view ourselves as specialists in our client’s industry arena, based on our research and experience. Our research stems from thoroughly reviewing the industry, the products/services, the competitors and our client’s corporate environment. We analyze, and calibrate these industry markets and business sectors to identify and obtain what our client assignment requires. We remain on the inside of our client’s industry through a network of connections and sources of accurate and current information. In addition to an office library with fully computerized information retrieval systems, we have the capability of connecting with a variety of international data base firms, directly or via the internet.

Candidate Development

Through our research and past search experience, we establish individuals for whom our client’s goals and objectives have significant professional interest and relevance. Candidates whom we have calibrated and find exceptional, then we collaborate with our understanding of the objectives of the project as well as the possibilities for our client’s future plans. Furthermore, we make references checks to validate information from candidates and to obtain independent opinions as to the candidates' prior performance.

Client Assessment

We submit to the client written reports about the candidates that we believe are qualified and interested. To the extent desired, we coordinate our activities with the client manager and other key managers to assure the benefit of their knowledge in the search project. We would assist in arranging meetings with the candidates that the client desires to interview and facilitate the process of getting to know each candidate. At the appropriate time, we would participate with the client and the preferred candidate to establish a mutually acceptable compensation package.


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